Pueblo Septic Tank Pumping (Cleaning)

Septic Tank Pumping in Pueblo, CO

If you can’t remember the last time you got your septic tank pumped, it is probably time to do it again! Schedule an appointment for a local septic tank pumping service in Pueblo, CO. Call Pueblo Septic Solutions at 719-988-3249 today!

As a general rule, residential and commercial septic tanks need to be pumped and cleaned every 3-5 years. This process rids your septic tank of solid waste buildup and allows the septic system to function properly

Without a routine cleaning by a reputable company, your septic tank can experience issues and even require an emergency repair. No one wants to deal with that! Commit right now to getting a septic tank cleaning in Pueblo, Colorado every three years.

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Why Do I Need to Get My Septic Tank Cleaned Regularly?

Your septic tank is designed to retain waste solids – these don’t filter out of the tank naturally, they need to be pumped out manually by a professional. If you don’t get a routine septic tank pumping (about every three years), the solid waste can build up in the tank and eventually enter the drainfield. The resulting sludge and muck that leave the tank can clog the drainfield, creating a beautiful, waste-filled pond in your yard. On top of that, wastewater can back up into your house or business causing a huge mess.

So, a waste-filled pond in the yard and wastewater backing up into the house. Not a pretty sight! Avoid this at all costs by scheduling a septic tank cleaning every three years. You won’t regret it.

What Happens During a Septic Tank Cleaning?

Here are four things that happen when we come to pump your septic tank:

1.) Liquid Is Pumped Out of the Tank

Pueblo Septic Solutions will send a licensed technician with a vacuum truck to pump and flush the liquid wastewater out of your septic tank. The liquid will carry out some floating solids as well, which is normal.

A red and white truck pumping and cleaning a septic tank with an attached pump in Pueblo, Colorado

2.) Solid Sludge Is Removed from the Bottom of the Tank

After the liquid is removed, we will remove solid sludge from the bottom of the septic tank. This solid sludge is made up of inorganic matter that naturally forms through the use of your septic system. If this sludge is allowed to build up for too long, it will cause major problems in your septic system.

3.) Drainfield Lines Are Cleaned

The drainfield lines allow wastewater and sludge to flow properly through the septic tank. During the cleaning process, we will clear out any drainfield lines that need to be cleared to assure that your septic system is good for another three years or so.

A worker cleaning a septic tank with a thin hose in Pueblo, Colorado

4.) Septic Filters Get Cleaned Out

Septic tanks contain filters that are designed to collect things that can’t be broken down by a septic tank’s natural microbes. These things include coffee grounds, lint, eggshells, etc. These filters will be cleaned out of the filters during a routine septic system cleaning.

What’s the Difference Between Pumping and Cleaning a Septic Tank?

You may have heard of people getting their septic tank “pumped” or “cleaned,” but what is the real difference between these two terms?

Septic tank pumping involves removing liquid wastewater (and some floating solids) from the septic tank by a pumping and flushing process between the septic tank and a pumping truck. Some floating solids are removed during this process. Cleaning involves removing the solid matter that has collected on the bottom of the tank. This solid sludge is removed from the bottom and sides of the tank, leaving nothing but a small film layer of beneficial bacteria in the tank. These bacteria will help kickstart the breakdown of waste once the septic tank is in use again.

Typically, a pumping and cleaning service is performed at the same time during a routine maintenance appointment. This is what we do all the time at Pueblo Septic Solutions. Make sure you call a licensed and insured septic services provider who can perform this service the right way. We’re just one phone call away: 719-988-3249.

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